Savings Plus Account

Savings Plus provides easy access to your funds using Touch-Tone Teller, your ATM card, or using automatic deposit. This account has a tiered dividend rate, paying higher interest as your savings increase. Members receive mailed statements detailing all account activity.

The Savings Plus may now be your primary membership account in place of the current passbook account. Your account relationship with Beacon always starts with a savings account. The checking, certificate, and loan accounts use the member account number.

Here’s a look at a few of the features of the Savings Plus account:

No Penalties - Savings Plus is a savings account - you have 24/7 access to your money with no withdrawal penalties.

Dividends Compounded Monthly - Dividends on the Savings Plus account are compounded monthly and the monthly rate is based on the balance.

The More You Save, The More You Earn - The tiered dividend rate schedule rewards those who save (current rates).

Pay Bills with Account Funds - Since this account offers a monthly statement that reports electronic activity, you are entitled to have ACH activity through this account.

ATM/Beacon Debit Card Access - Access account funds at the ATM or through your Beacon Debit Card.

Track Activity - Access your account through Beacon Online or Touchtone Teller.

Get Organized - You’ll receive a monthly statement detailing account activity, as well as account activity on all accounts under the same member number.