VISA Credit Cards

Choose Your Own Rewards Card
Beacon Credit Union offers a variety of credit card programs - so you don't have to choose a "one-size-fits-all" card.  Choose from cash rewards, travel and gift certificate programs, even a traditional Visa card designed for those who want a simple way to track household finances.

Plus - Get 0% APR on Transfers and Purchases for Six Months
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Extra Benefit: Auto Collision Insurance for Auto Rentals
Use your Beacon Visa® Card for auto rentals and you're automatically covered with Auto Collision Insurance* at no extra charge. This insurance covers you for: theft and damage to the vehicle, towing to a qualified service facility, loss of use for damages sustained in an accident or theft of the vehicle.

Learn more about our Visa card programs from financial partner Elan Financial Services.

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>> Activate Verified by Visa on Your Beacon Visa Card

* Does not cover loss of personal items in the vehicle or personal injury.