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Bridges to Health - Bridges to Health provides health care for people who have no insurance coverage.  We are located at 1251 Kem Rd. Marion. We have physicians, nurse practioners, dentists, optomologists, nurses, clerical, social workers and more that donate their time every week to provide quality care to our patients.  Another huge part of our clinic is our Medication Assistance Program.  We work directly with pharmaceutical companies to provide free medication to our patients. Since we started the clinic in 2005 we have seen approx. 1500 patients and dispensed approxiametly five million dollars worth of free medication.  Grant County has been hit pretty hard with businesses closing, downsizing or moving and have left people with no health care coverage.  We have hundreds of volunteers that help operate our clinic.  We are funded through donations.  Our clinic is always in need of your help.  Anyone is welcome to visit our clinic to check out our day-to-day operations. 

Cancer Services of Grant County's BESS program for free mammograms - Cancer Services of Grant County has been providing free mammograms to Grant County women since 2000. The BESS (breast education screening and survival) program has provided assistance to over 6,000 women and educated over 60,000 women since 2000. Also, 45 women have been diagnosed with breast cancer since the inception of this program. The BESS program staff ensure that all women who come to us for assistance are navigated through the entire process and all diagnostic tests necessary for a diagnosis or a clean bill of health.  Our BESS funding has been cut due to financial difficulties in the foundations that have funded us in the past. We have provided 500 mammograms each year. This year we only have funding for 150 mammograms. Please help us to continue to reach out to those in our community that need a free mammogram and help us save lives one at a time.

Carey Services- Pathways to Partnerships - Pathways to Partnerships pairs a college student from IWU or Taylor University with a client in the Employment Services program to build a positive and encouraging mentoring relationship to promote healthy choices, positive communication skills, and enhanced self-esteem through various community activities.  A mentor will be matched with a mentee who has an intellectual, physical, mental, or developmental disability.  Many of the clients in Employment Services do not have a support system or lack encouragement to achieve their goals - the relationship they build with their mentor can afford them the opportunity to have a positive role model to help them make healthy choices, learn about budgeting/money management, learn about community resources hands on, practice interviewing skills, acquire problem solving skills, team building skills, and promote self-esteem. The donation could be to assist clients in various ways such as gas vouchers to meet with their mentor, money to participate in a community activities such as a meeting their mentor for a coke/coffee, money to purchase basic needs to promote positive self-esteem such as laundry detergent, toothbrushes, soap, or an interview outfit that their mentor could help them select.  We have included a list of possible activities the mentors and mentees can participate in together – the idea is to have the mentors/mentees work on achieving their goals and objectives through hands on activities and community involvement.

CASA of Grant County, Inc. - CASA is non-profit volunteer based agency that speaks in court on behalf of children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect.  The CASA program is mandated to exist by state statute.  Our agency is appointed to every CHINS (Child in Need of Services) case in Grant County.   The role of CASA volunteers is to provide the judge with a carefully researched background of the child to help the court make a sound decision about that child’s future. Volunteers represent the child’s best interest, wishes, and plan for long term safety, stability, and  permanency.  Volunteers must participate in 30 hours of intensive training along with at least two hours of court observation before they can be appointed to a case.   CASA of Grant County, Inc. provides a unique service to child victims of abuse and neglect here in Grant County.  Through the support provided, we have an un-duplicated opportunity to affect change for generations to come by advocating for a chance at an alternate path of life.  Often times, CASA has the ability to help children become assets to the community in contrast to the lifestyle of the parent’s choosing.  The long term benefits of what we achieve in a child’s life today have a direct impact on the strength of our community tomorrow!

First Light Child Advocacy Center - First Light is where people, children and caring come together. We are a center that provides a unique approach to the investigation of cases on abuse and neglect of children in Grant County. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit child advocacy center. The purpose of our facility is to provide a child friendly atmosphere for the investigation of allegations of abuse and neglect of children. We provide a location for members of a multi-disciplinary team to come together and perform a forensic interview of a child who is alleged to be a victim of child abuse or neglect. The objective is to provide a quick, professional response by law enforcement, child protection services and the prosecutors office to a case. The trauma to the child can be minimized and an appropriate course of action to the specific case can be handled in a safe, calm, and child-friendly environment.

Gilead Ministries - Gilead Ministries is a great nonprofit that continually sends cards, makes phone calls and has volunteers to help families struggling with the coping of cancer and other long term illnesses.

Grant County Crime Stoppers Inc. - Grant County Crime Stoppers is a non-profit citizens' organization created in 1987 to aid law enforcement in solving felony crimes and bringing wanted fugitives to justice.  Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards of up to $1000.00 to anyone furnishing anonymous information that leads to felony arrests or indictments.  By offering cash rewards for information, the program encourages otherwise reluctant callers to provide information.  Citizen involvement is our greatest asset in assisting law enforcement!  Crime Stoppers is funded by private donations and fund raising.  No tax dollars are involved.

Grant County Mobile Pack - "Every day 6,200 children die from starvation." In 2013, nearly 800,000 volunteers joined Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) to package more than 191,500,000 meals for starving children in nearly 70 countries all over the world. Each meal provides the key nutrients a starving child needs to survive and thrive. Grant County Global Mobile Pack is excited to partner with FMSC to pack 100,000 meals on November 8, 2014 at Lakeview Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana.  Each meal costs .22 cents and with a commitment of 100,000 meals we need to raise $22,000.  We will have the opportunity to influence the world in a mighty way as we become a part of impacting the bodies and souls of children around the world.  Our goal, however, goes beyond raising funds and serving to fulfill the commitment to the 100,000 FMSC meals.  We would also like to see our local community of Grant County come together on Nov 8th, 2014 to pack meals that will save lives and be the recipient of Jesus' love through us in these efforts. Please join us in Turning Hunger into Hope.

Grant County Rescue Mission - We, Grant County Rescue Mission, are a homeless shelter for men, women and children.  We also provide three meals a day, seven days a week to anyone in need.  We also provide free clothing, counseling, educational opportunities and a variety of other services to the impoverished in Grant and surrounding counties.

Grant County Sheriff's Department Christmas Gifts for Kids - The Chaplaincy Program provides ministry and support for inmates and their families, Deputies and their families, the department's employees and families, and our community. Every year at Christmas time we host a Sheriff's Christmas Gifts for Kids party. At this party we provide each child in attendance with two gifts each all of equal value and they are hand delivered to them by a Deputy Sheriff. Refreshments and drinks are provided for the children and their guardians.  There is no value that can be placed on the smile of a child.  We are a ministry receiving no government funds. The Chaplains are not employed and our support is from the community and churches. Our Mission Statement is: Touching one life at a time as the cross and the badge both save lives.

Habitat for Humanity of Grant Co., Inc. - Habitat for Humanity of Grant Co., Inc. is a wonderful organization that builds simple decent homes for families in need.  We became affiliated in 1993 and since then have built 54 homes.  We are currently working on our 55th home and hope to start on our 56th sometime in September.  The families receiving the home will actually help put in work on the house for 300-500 hours depending on the size of the families.  The families may also receive help from family, friends and their advocates.   Once the closing is done they become homeowners and make mortgage payments, which is based on their media income.  A Habitat Home is interest free.

Marion Civic Theatre - The Marion Civic Theatre is a community-based theatre in downtown Marion, IN.  At it's core as a community-based theatre is a desire to provide quality theatrical arts to the community.  The Marion Civic Theatre also reaches out by calling others in: inviting people to be a part of productions either on stage or off.  Many people in the Grant County area have fond memories of the Marion Civic Theatre and some would even call it a home away from home due to the close relationships and great networking opportunities the Marion Civic Theatre has played host to in it's rich 60+ year history.

Marion-Grant County Humane Society -  Marion- Grant County Humane Society is a non for profit organization that takes in unwanted animals who do not have a home. It can be strays off the street or animals that families can no longer take care of them. It is completely ran by donations and grants because no money is provided from the state or government. People who care about this organization are the source of who and what keeps it running. We could greatly use this money to help not only with the animals, but to keep the building up and running. We have a mortgage, utilities, and employees to pay.  All of these are necessary as to provide the best care we can for the animals.  A vote for us is greatly appreciated by us, but also our animals!

NAMI/Grant-Blackford Counties - This history of NAMI is we are a group that has meetings to help people who are recovering from mental illness. We meet with peers, like themselves, to learn coping skills. Meetings are also held for family members who are caregivers for these recovering patients, and could also use the equipment.  An important part of their program involves presentations on DVD by outside speakers. Since the group is a recent reactivation of a past organization, they do not have much funding (which is mainly from dues) as membership is small. They have done fundraising events and are planning others, yet funding is still needed.  This project seeks to fund the purchase of a laptop computer, sound system and screen to show the DVD’s. A system has been selected that is under $2,000.00. It includes a laptop computer, projector, screen, sound system and speakers. We meet in Grant County, but are open to people from Blackford County also.

Services for the Visually and Hearing Impaired - Services for the Visually and Hearing Impaired assists clients in Grant and Blackford counties.  We provide a variety of services such as: counseling, independent living skills, support groups, sign language classes, Braille classes, vision and hearing testing, educational presentations for clubs and civic groups, and financial assistance for glasses or hearing aids to qualified clients.

The Crossing Educational Center - We, The Crossing Educational Center, are a school for students who have been kicked out or dropped out of high school.  We offer them another alternative to earn their diploma.  We don't focus on education alone.  We spend a lot of time serving our community in a variety of ways.  We mow grass, cut down trees, paint, clean, or anything else that we hear that needs done.  We also spend a lot of time building relationships with our students.  We have found that the better relationship we have with our students, the better they perform in school.  We do a lot of trips and events to build these relationships.  As well as spending time that is necessary to ensure success in their lives.

The Girl Scouts of Central Indiana - Making of ME Daycamp - This is the second year that the Girl Scouts is holding their summer day camp, in Matter Park. This year is going to be a STEM based day camp where the girls will be learning about science, technology, engineering, and math, and doing fun learning actives and projects. The camp is five days with hours of 9am-4pm, however with the fifth day being at splash house. The camp is being held July 21st- 25th. The camp is open to all girls in grant and surrounding counties.

The Switch Up - The Switch Up is an after school mentoring program for 4-12 grade kids in Van Buren, IN. The youth have their own board of elected officials that make decisions with adult guidance.   Teachers from the local school system volunteer to help with the homework program, community members network to ensure snacks and building maintenance is provided independently through government funds.

United Way of Grant County - The United Way of Grant County is focusing support for Health, Education and Financial Stability in Grant County to achieve measurable results by uniting community resources. We take all donations (funding, volunteer and in-kind) and direct them to programing that is making strong impacts in our community.  Every gift no matter the size is great when united for the purpose of making our community stronger. 


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