Project Spotlight Nominees - Wabash County (City of North Manchester)


Wabash County (City of North Manchester)

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Gamsby's Project - Gamsby's Project is a local charity that offers free visits from a service dog, "Gamsby," to hospitals, hospices and children's homes in the Wabash, Fort Wayne, Huntington and North Manchester area.  Gamsby mostly works with long-term care patients who will likely not come home.  Also GP won second place in the 2013 competition and nationally won the Unsung Hero Award from the American Society of Public Administrators (2014).

Girl Scout Troop #4783 - Girl Scout Troop 4783 is working on fixing the Scout Hall. We have painted the walls and are currently planning to replace the stalls in the restrooms as well as the window treatments.

Manchester Fellowship of Churches Food Pantry - Manchester Fellowship of Churches Food Pantry is serving the North Manchester area.  All volunteers including the director help 60+ families per week.  They are provided with a selection of canned, dry, frozen, and fresh foods.  Food is purchased with money contributions from local churches, businesses and individuals, plus donations of food items from the same plus food bank collection drives at the schools and university.  

North Manchester Fire Department - North Manchester passes out material on fire prevention and other safety issues.  The funding for this project is from donations and fund raisers. The money is used to teach residents the importance of fire safety.

One World Handcrafts, Inc. - One World Handcrafts, Inc. is a non-profit, Fair Trade, low mark-up import store that sells an eclectic collection of items from all over the world.  Some of our merchandise include: organic coffees, teas, chocolates, scarves, jewelry, baskets, recycled items and instruments.  The store exists to help support individual artisans and small artisan co-ops so that they can feed and educate their families, work in safe environments, receive fair wages, and have access to business loans.

The Firehouse - The Firehouse is a local, all ages, art facility that supports the enhancement and social health of area youth.  It is a venue that holds numerous community activities such as concerts, theater productions, galleries, workshops, and other art centered events.  The Firehouse provides a safe, positive, and healthy environment for all ages and is located in downtown North Manchester. It thrives on the support of the community through donations and fundraising and has been supporting local arts since 2000.  Beacon Project Spotlight has been an amazing opportunity over the past few years for organizations like The Firehouse to keep its doors open and  continue to provide a unique place for people to gather and build healthy relationships. 

Tippecanoe Audubon Society - The Tippecanoe Audubon Society supports conservation and environmental education to promote appreciation, understanding, and preservation of birds, other wildlife, and diverse ecosystems for present and future generations.


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