Project Spotlight Nominees - Wabash County (City of Wabash)

City of Wabash
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85 Hope - 85 Hope is a free clinic for low income adults residing in Wabash County who have no health insurance.  It began seeing patients in 2011 and is staffed by volunteer physicians and nurses.  The clinic provides basic medical care, medicines and simple lab and x-ray testing.  More than 200 patients have received care since it opened. 

Arc of Wabash County, Inc. - This year marks Arc's 60th year, serving Developmentally Disabled individuals and their families in Wabash County.  From the early years when parents raised money to pay for a teacher so that their children didn't have to go to an institution for their education, to the vibrant agency Arc is today providing a wide variety of services.  Arc supports individuals with Developmental Disabilities to achieve community integration through jobs, volunteering and utilizing community resources as well as to live in their own homes. In 2014 Arc will celebrate their Diamond Anniversary.

F.I.S.H - F.I.S.H is a local food pantry that helps supply food to the needy.

Foundation for Art and Music in Education (F.A.M.E) - The mission of FAME is to foster and perpetuate creativity through arts education. We believe in the value and power of the arts to kindle the imagination, encourage creative thinking and enhance human development.  Our vision is to: empower teachers to nurture artistic creativity; celebrate the artist in every child and develop pathways to explore the arts; understand and appreciate cultures through experiences with indigenous art forms; make the arts enjoyable and a part of everyday life.  The Wabash FAME Festival is a one-day festival in which schools are given the chance to display art projects and showcase musical performances by their students.  All activities are non-competitive and are designed to allow students to feel pride in achieving a completed project in the arts.  Besides the art displays and performances by the students, the programming includes art workshops and musical performances by professional visiting artists who share their artistic skills and teach the students about their areas of expertise.  Activities are generally focused around a specific multicultural theme.  The theme for Festival 2015 on April 18 will be China.   Our festival is a wonderful collaborative effort for elementary and junior high schools in Wabash County, as well as some participation from surrounding counties.  It is the only festival of its kind in our county.   A new component for our 2015 Festival is a composition project in which selected students will work with a composer in after school classes in the fall to create an original composition.  The composer will then take the student projects and combine them into a longer work for a chamber orchestra. The composition will be premiered in performance at our festival. The local festival is expected to be self-sustaining. Activities are funded by grants,donations,and ad sales for our festival booklet.  Our total budget is projected at $12,000 to $15,000 annually.  The new composition project will increase this budget this year, but I don't have the final projected cost for this component.  We are working with Manchester University music staff for the classes and will use a chamber ensemble from the Manchester Symphony Orchestra for the performance.

Ivy Tech Foundation Monopoly Night - We at Ivy Tech Community College are in the business of building communities and changing lives. By providing much needed financial assistance to students through this annual scholarship fundraiser, many more students will realize their dream of a college education. These scholarships will help Wabash County students who could not afford textbooks, tuition or transportation to get to classes.

Lagro American Legion - Lagro American Legion is hosting a 2015 chili cookoff for October 4th 2014.  We have put this cook off on every Oct. and all our proceeds go to help with the Honor Flight, Indiana Veterans Home, and the veterans christmas projects.

LIFE Center - The LIFE Center of Wabash provides infant clothing, diapers, and parenting classes to moms free of charge.  They also provide free pregnancy tests, ultra sounds, and counseling, as well as support to those who find themselves in an unwanted pregnancy.

Lord's Table/Women's Housing Project - The pastor at The Lord's Table Ministries is working on a project to get women's housing for homeless or transitional housing going in Wabash.  There is a home for the men but there is none the such for women in Wabash county.  So when someone calls the church for help she has to refer for assistance out of county. 

New Beginnings Ministries of Wabash County, Inc. - New Beginnings Ministries of Wabash County, Incorporated is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry reaching out in communities to young adults and their families. New Beginnings Ministries Residential Facility is a home for young male adults, ages 18-25 that want a faith based program to get their lives back on track.  Some of these young men could have criminal charges pending. If criminal charges are pending, New Beginnings Ministries will work with the local court systems for the proper treatment for each individual based upon their sentencing.  While a resident at New Beginnings, the young male will be working on his own, individual relationship with Christ. Through devotions, bible study and faith based curriculum, the ministry will help each young man conform to a new way of life. By providing a daily routine of life skills, work at our facility and opportunities to serve others, New Beginnings Ministry hopes to transform their lives.  The resident must commit to spend 12-18 months living, working, studying and developing a personal relationship with Christ. During this time the ministry will also be working on the resident’s placement back into community through education, job placement and helping them get acclimated into a church family.

Roann Metro League Baseball - The Roann Metro League is part of the Metro League Baseball Organization.  We are volunteers who organize and raise money to help kids have a fun and easy going place to play baseball in Wabash County.  The Roann League would like to raise some funds to install some practice facilities aside from our main field.  We would like to have some practice batting equipment, as well as some other things. 

St. Patrick's Catholic Church - St. Patrick's church is in process of having the bricks repaired.  We have completed the first phase and the second phase will be started in August, 2014.  Friends of St. Patrick's have been working diligently to earn money to complete this projects and other needed repairs.

Stockdale Mill - The Stockdale Mill has been restored and listed with the Historical Society.  There are free tours given each Saturday.  The Stockdale Mill is in need of funding for operation expenses including lighting, lawncare, general up-keep.

Wabash County Animal Shelter Spay/Neuter Fund - We are the Animal Shelter for the County of Wabash. We try to get as many animals that go through us spayed or neutered before being adopted out. The money would be put into the spay/neuter fund to get as many animals "fixed" as we can. This helps control the over population of animals and reduces the cost to adopt an animal. (Any animal that is not spayed or neutered, the adopter must pay for a $60 certificate to put towards getting the animal fixed.)

Wabash County Christmas Spirit - The Wabash County Christmas Spirit is to serve families in need in Wabash County at Christmas Time.  Mission:  Our mission is to receive all of Wabash County's gifts - their time, energy, and charity - repackage it, and distribute it as hope to all of those families in need in Wabash County.  By this gift of hope, we wish to build neighborly love throughout the community and to maintain Christmas spirit all year long. 

Wabash County Habitat for Humanity - We, Wabash County Habitat for Humanity, have been an affiliate since 1992.  Our goal for the year of 2014 is to grow the organization and increase their impact on the community.  We are working to increase their collaboration and partnerships with local churches and communities to provide more affordable homeownership opportunities to deserving low income residents of Wabash County.  Wabash Habitat builds or renovates simple, decent houses in partnership with donors, volunteers, and families in need who have been priced out of the conventional housing market. Our partner homeowners repay a 0% interest, no-profit mortgage and attend financial literacy, budgeting, and homeownership classes along with volunteering at least 300 hours toward constructing or rehabilitating their Habitat home.  Our organization steps in to revitalize communities and gives deserving families the chance to build a better life.       

Wabash County Historical Museum - The Wabash County Historical Museum is one of the best museums in the state of Indiana and it is an invaluable asset to downtown Wabash and the county. The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, document and display aural, visual, and physical artifacts which tell the history of life in Wabash County.  The museum cannot do so without its main source of income which is donations and grants. The museum has really grown in the last year (programing, exhibits, and events) and I look forward to supporting their efforts more as they continue to become even better in the upcoming years.

Wabash River Defenders - The Wabash River Defenders has removed 62 tons of undesirable trash and debris from the Wabash River during the past three years, and the river is as free of trash as it has been in a hundred years.  The WRDs have engaged in various other activities which include:  joining forces with the Attorney Generalto testify before the Corps of Engineers about Asian Carp problems in our county (which drive indigenous fish from our river), supported the Wabash County Commisioners to pass an ordinance to establish a fine for anyone caught illegally dumping trash, began a Wabash River Junior Defenders group of fourth graders of Wabash City Schools, installed 40 birdhouses built by Harld Career Center students to set along the Wabash River, and began a speakers’ bureau.  However, there are still water quality and pollution issues in the river which has led to establishing a “Watershed Initiative”.  The purpose of the “Watershed Initiative” is to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for reducing nutrient, sediment and pathogenic impacts of the Wabash River. Any funding would be greatly appreciated in support of the Wabash River Defenders and their “Watershed Initiative”.  

Wabash County 4-H Council, Inc. - The Wabash County 4-H Council, Inc.'s mission is to provide a non-formal educational 4-H Program for the youth of Wabash County.  The Council is to supervise, direct, and promote the 4-H Program.  The 4-H program provides a "hands-on" learning experience and develops talents and skills that will last a lifetime.  We are pleased to have over 750 youth enrolled in the 4-H Program and close to 200 adult volunteers involved.

White's Residential & Family Services - White's Residential & Family Services is a Christ-centered, nonprofit social services organization that works to redirect, rebuild and restore Indiana's children, teens and families through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth. For more than 160 years, White’s has helped families in crisis, in transition and in need of support through its accredited and comprehensive continuum of community- and home-based services, foster care, adoption and residential treatment programs. Our statewide network of facilities and seasoned providers allows us to support children, teens and families with a variety of services when they need it, wherever they may need it. No family is exempt from tough times; it’s a hard time to be a parent and a hard time to be a teen. At its core, White’s provides hope for children, teens and families by offering services which challenge them to live lives of character, stability and service to others.

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